What is the Singapore Aviation Accelerator?

Starburst, the world’s first and only global aviation and space accelerator, has partnered with Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Airlines, SATS, and Panasonic Avionics to jointly launch the Singapore Aviation Accelerator. As Singapore is the aviation hub of Asia Pacific, this aviation accelerator will strengthen the country’s opportunity for future innovation, disruption, and partnerships relating to new technologies. Starburst’s renowned brand strength and reputation as a leader in the aerospace industry combined with Singapore’s innovative nature will contribute to the program’s success and lasting impact on the country’s next generation of aerospace and aviation technologies, the talent pool of aviation and technology professionals, and accelerated startup ecosystem.

After rigorous recruiting and screening, 10 promising startups from around the world will be selected from a pool of 100’s of applicants. The selected startups will then go through an acceleration boot camp in the format of a 13-week Starburst program with intense, hands-on mentorship. The program will focus primarily on preparing selected entrepreneurs and their teams to successfully raise Seed funding through tailored connections to the Asian VC ecosystem. This inaugural cohort will focus on addressing eight (8) unique problem statements provided by the program’s corporate partners.

Details on these problem areas can be found below. Startups who successfully demonstrate their ability to provide practical solutions to the problem areas while participating in the program will have privileged access to initiating pilot programs with the program’s corporate partners.

Problem Statement 1

Detection of suspicious behaviour during food preparation

A. To detect any actions of inserting foreign material into food during any stage of the food preparation process.

B. Envisioned solution is using AI/ML to analyse CCTV video footage in real-time and pick up any suspicious behaviour for on-site staff to attend to.



Problem Statement 2

Indoor tracking with no fixed infrastructure

A. We would like to track our assets such as wheelchairs and buggies within the airport terminals. However, we do not have control of the infrastructure and are not able to install hardware such as beacons etc.

B. The ideal solution will also allow us to know where our staff are so that we can do more efficient deployment of staff.



Problem Statement 3

Building robust capabilities that address customers' concerns on their health and safety across their travel journey, both on the ground and in flight. 

The focus here is on increasing traveler confidence such to boost loyalty and revenue.



Problem Statement 4

Safe aircraft maneuvering without modification to aircraft or infrastructure

We are primarily looking here to improve operational airside safety.



Problem Statement 5

Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) to enable on-the-job assistance and training for airside operational activities

We would like to increase the efficiency and performance of operational tasks.
We need an innovative way to improve the quality of our training.



Starburst will be doing dedicated scouting for
problem statements provided by corporate partner - AIRLAB



We also encourage companies to apply that don’t directly meet one of the partner problem statements above, but can contribute relevant technology to advancing the state of the aviation industry. Applications are due by October 30th (24:00 GMT+8) and must be submitted via the application portal on this website.  


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